The Best Network Marketing CRM Funnel 

Welcome to the Best Network Marketing CRM Funnel Site (BNM CRM), we help you build your business faster, smarter, and exactly like Top income earners in your industry. We offer Internet marketing strategies and tools that you can use to win, manage, and maintain your customers, prospects, or leads.

We help coach and guide network marketers, home business owners, sales consultants, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs in promoting their products or services by becoming an extension of their marketing business.

The BNM CRM Funnel is:

  • An Affiliate on-line CRM Funnel

  • Exposure Agents to help you Build YOUR Business Opportunity

  • On-line Marketing Tips to help you grow your business

  • A community of determined network marketers, home business owners, sales consultants, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs

  • An educational platform on Attraction Marketing in Motion for YOUR Business o An affiliate program correctly positioned and designed to help business owners

The BNM CRM Funnel will answer:

  • How can I make money online?

  • Why is it taking me awhile to generate leads or build my business?

  • How can I create authority & brand myself online?

  • How can I make money while starting my business, network marketing business, or home based business?

Dr. Simon - Female photo

Marketing Coach

Hi, my name is Brenda Simon. The BNM CRM Funnel site was created after we were introduced to network marketing. Just like everyone else my husband and I was very excited to get everyone we knew in our business. Well, it did not go well, we quickly learned that network marketing required a lot more than just chasing friends and family who were not interested in our business.

Dealing with the pain of rejection and fear from family and friends had us defeated, but we believed in our business and decided we would stay committed. We had to find a solution that would help us generate new leads for our business.

We found out about an affiliate marketing company that educates new network marketers on how to build YOUR brand and build YOUR business all under one roof. We learned the concept of online marketing and branding us in just one month. The results are outstanding.

Let us help you. We offer quality training and products of high value that will allow you to develop your personal and professional skills. We are inviting you to read our blog posts, sign-up for our newsletters, watch the videos & learn more about how the BNM CRM Funnel can change your business and lead you to success.