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Welcome to the Best Network  Marketing CRM Funnel Site (BNM CRM), we help you build your business faster, smarter, and exactly like Top income earners in your industry.

We specialize in the art of promoting the best on-line CRM product. Our CRM software will change your business – whether you sell real estate, insurance, or network marketing opportunities and much more.

We offer Internet marketing strategies and tools that you can use to win, manage, and maintain your customers, prospects, or leads.

We help guide network marketers, home business owners, sales consultants, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs in promoting their products or services by becoming an extension of their marketing business.

The BNM CRM Funnel site provides advice to help you develop your business. We offer free weekly webinars that are hosted by experts and suggest products that will help your business grow.

Don’t worry we will get straight to the point so you can develop as a leader quickly and become a valuable asset to your business.

What the BNM CRM Funnel stands for:

  • An Affiliate on-line CRM Funnel

  • Exposure Agents to help you Build YOUR Business Opportunity

  • On-line Marketing Tips to help you grow your business

  • A community of determined network marketers, home business owners, sales consultants, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs

  • An educational platform on Attraction Marketing in Motion for YOUR Business

  • An affiliate program correctly positioned and designed to help business owners

BNM CRM Funnel will answer:

  • Why is it taking me awhile to generate leads or build my business?

  • How can I make money online?

  • How can I create authority & brand myself online?

  • How can I make money while starting my business, network marketing business, or home based business?

The purpose of the BNM CRM Funnel site is to give everyone the opportunity and security to improve their presence on social media or the Internet.

As you step into the world of the BNM CRM Funnel site, you are met with the collaboration of CRM promotion experts, each with their unique skills and expertise. We are proud to say that we know the quality of our services and products, and we will make sure that you are educated and informed about our CRM products and the BNM CRM Funnel site.


Attraction Marketing System

Determined, Fearless, and Pleasant

Dr. Simon - Female photo

About Dr. Simon

I’ll try not to bore you….

I created the BNM CRM Funnel site after being introduced to network marketing by a close friend back in 2013. Just like everyone else my husband and I was very excited to get everyone we knew in our business. Well after the first week of joining we quickly learned that network marketing required a lot more than just excitement.

Several weeks went by and we learned that it would require determination, faith, focus, skills, and commitment. We called everyone we knew and had to deal with the pain of rejection and fear. Of course, we felt defeated, but my personality and values – never quite, determination and commitment would not let me fail. I had to find a solution that would help me generate leads for our business.

Of course, the excitement faded away for a year and a half but the thought of having a business that was not working was disappointing, so we decided to attend our first national meeting. Wow, our event was incredible and motivational, we left energized, but that only lasted for a couple of months until I found the Best CRM for driven and determined individuals like me.

Learning new skills can be frustrating and challenging, but with the assistance of community network marketers, I found out about Affiliate companies that educated network marketers on how to build YOUR brand, build YOUR business, and make the life of YOUR dreams all under one roof.

That’s when it occurred to me that I have to share with the world the secrets of how to make money NOW. While you’re working (full-time or Part-time), need to pay the bills, and keep your business afloat and at the same time get leads and build your business, and that’s how the BNM CRM Funnel blog was created.

Sadly, any search done with the word “network marketing leads” in it resulted in buying leads, which we did not trust or want to waste any money. People are so frustrated by the lack of information available that they’re buying leads for hundreds of dollar!

When I learned of the Affiliate companies, I decided to join one and become an Affiliate Marketer. I had no experience and went through all the training and attended the weekly live training and learned how to become a professional Marketer in one month.

In the last eight months, BNM CRM Funnel site has become more than just a blog. We have been able to help newbies and experienced network marketing professionals and consultants. We have made an impact on those who are and have struggled to generate leads in their marketing business.

We are confident in providing our network marketers, home business owners, sales consultants, and entrepreneurs with quality training and offer products of high value to promote their personal and professional development.

Therefore, let us help you, and then you can show the world how proud you are in your business because we inspire and connect with you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have now dedicated our time and energy to helping others succeed as we have.

I’m inviting you to read my blog posts, sign-up for my newsletters, watch my videos & learn more about how the BNM CRM Funnel can change your business and lead you to success.