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5 Expert Tips for Branding Your Business

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Your company’s brand is what people remember.

A brand is something a customer trusts, recognizes, and opts for over the unknown.

While you may assume brand perception does not matter, consider this:

Per a survey by MarTech, 21 percent of consumers purchased based on the brand alone. More so, 38 percent of consumers buy from a brand they like and follow on social media. Also, brands that inspire a customer emotionally are likely to receive three times the word-of-mouth marketing they normally would.

These statistics highlight just how much weight a brand holds.

Effective branding brings media leads from your social media profiles, website, and more. So, now is the time to focus your efforts on branding and watch your business grow.

5 Tips for Branding Your Business Like a Pro

  1. Be Authentic in Your Branding Approach

Your brand is something that is easily recognized and earns consumer loyalty. If your efforts to brand are not authentic, you won’t get the rewards of a solid brand. The image you portray should correlate with the products you sell. For example, you would not brand yourself as a luxury when your products are designed to attract price-conscious consumers.

Also, if your ideal customer is serious, then you don’t want to advertise as the “fun” group. You must design an authentic brand image to your products, target customer, and overall persona so that you can deliver consistent messages.

  1. Establish Your Brand Guidelines First

Before you start marketing based on a brand, you need a map of where to go.

Define your brand guidelines that include brand colors, logo, taglines, standard fonts, the “voice” you will use in materials, spokespeople or mascots used, and imagery.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Customer service makes or breaks a brand.

No one wants to deal with a company that is notorious for poor customer service.

In fact, United States businesses lose $41 billion each year due to poor customer service, says Smart Customer Service. So, while you are focusing on your products and meeting bottom lines, also focus on ways to improve in-store, over-the-phone, and online customer support.

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  1. Know Your Customer Personas

One of the biggest tips on branding that small businesses overlook is that of the client’s persona.

You must identify the needs, goals, and behaviors of your prime customers so that you know how to market your service or product.

  1. Learn the Fundamentals of Internet Marketing

Before you can establish a brand, it is best to meet with an internet marketing consultant.

A professional can help you learn the fundamentals of internet marketing, but also identify your personas, brand guidelines, and online image.

When you get started on the right foot, it all falls into place.

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