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Email marketing is not an easy, but if done right you will end up with more leads. The only issue with email marketing is that most of email marketing falls under the category known as “spam.” Think about it, when was the last time that you read a marketing email? Most popular email services automatically mark marketing emails as spam and put them in the junk folder. You can prevent this from happening to you by using the right email marketing techniques. Using the following tips will allow you create a better email marketing campaigns than ever before.

Do something interesting

The subject header of the email needs to be something that makes people open the email and see what is inside. Do not write anything that isn’t true, but makes sure that you do not send emails with an annoying or boring subject line. For example “New T-shirt designs available” is a terrible email header. Everyone will just think of it as an ad and ignore the email. If you were to go with “See how you will look in the latest t-shirts,” you will be able to generate much more interest. Remember to think from the point of view of the email recipient who has no idea about what you do. What will be interesting to them?

Always add some benefit to your emails

Do not just keep sending advertisements. Make sure that you add valuable information to your emails that benefit the recipient. A very simple way is to add value is to offer the “tip of the week” or “free services or products” section to your emails. This means that aside from your marketing each email will also contain some new advice or knowledge, which will help the recipient. This way you can ensure that the people who receive your emails will be happy to receive them and will want to open the emails since they have something to gain from them. If you keep talking about yourself and only want to sale, then your emails won’t be of interest.

Personalize things every now and then

Don’t just send out marketing emails. Remember to send ‘happy holidays’ emails. Share a personal story or give some wisdom. Bear in mind that the key to success is developing a relationship with your customers and clients. Getting personal is a great way to do it. You can even ask people questions or ask them to share interesting stories in reply to your emails. This adds a personal touch, and the recipient will feel like you want to talk to them and hear them out. Make them feel special and show them that you honestly want to help them succeed in their business or feel great in their outfits.
Attraction Marketing System

Use an Auto-Responder

If you send out thousands of emails, you will get hundreds of replies. Don’t make anyone wait till you can manually respond to your subscribers. Use an autoresponder to boost your email marketing campaign. You can set your autoresponder to say that you will be replying to their email very soon. You don’t want your subscribers feeling like you are ignoring them. Remember your goal is to attract your prospect and influence them to concentrate on the information you are providing.

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Attraction Marketing System

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